Travelling Whirlwind

A never ending story of travel mishaps and adventures

Hi! I’m Natalie, a backpacker/traveller/nomad/wanderer, whatever you like to call those people who seem to find their homes in multiple places. Please enjoy my journey with me…

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Where have i been?!

So quite frankly i’ve been neglecting my blog. Maybe its my lack of enthusiasm for absoutely anything at the moment or maybe its just because i’m lazy, and truthfully, probably couldn’t be bothered. But i’m back and thats all that matters right? Its been a wild few months. We’ve successfully ran a French campsite, which,Continue reading “Where have i been?!”

Injury queen

So after an overnight stay in a Thai hospital in Koh Phangan I was naive in thinking that would be the only severe mishap to happen to me on my travels. Because ladies and gentlemen, I am a walking disaster. The Thai hospital was like a luxury hotel compared to my Vietnamese hospital experience. IContinue reading “Injury queen”


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